AT Bus Services

School buses

AT school bus services will operate during Alert Level 2. Following the Government’s guidelines, physical distancing measures will be different from our public transport services but standing on buses will not be permitted.

Working closely with the schools, AT have several measures to support contact tracing for students. The bus is being cleaned in accordance with Government guidance.

Because no standing passengers will be allowed on school buses and some seats near the drivers will be out-of-bounds this will result in a reduction of capacity for most school buses and they will not be able to carry as many passengers as they did in pre-Covid19 times. They recommend people look for back-up public transport options, if possible, using the online journey planner ( or AT Mobile app, should they be needed. They also recommend parents of young children wait with their child at the bus stop in case the bus is too full to take more passengers. They are currently working to shift spare resources to where it is estimated to be needed in this unprecedented situation but they apologise if a bus cannot accommodate everyone who wants it.

Public buses (i.e. not dedicated school buses) have additional physical distancing requirements with fewer seats available for passengers. This is because public bus services do not have the ability for contact tracing that school bus services do. Seats on these buses are clearly labelled so passengers are not sitting too close to each other. Standing will also not be permitted on these buses.

Registered HOP cards only

Under Alert Level 2, regular fares apply. Please note that bus drivers won’t accept cash. Instead, you’ll need to use a registered AT HOP card to tag on and off.

You need to make sure your AT HOP card is registered – this makes contact tracing easy if needed. Visit our website for information on where to get your AT HOP card and how to register it. 

When travelling on buses

·         Cash payments for fares will not be accepted. You must use an AT HOP card.

·         Use the rear door to get on and off buses.

·         Tag on and off using the AT HOP card reader inside the rear door.

·         If you use a wheelchair or mobility device, are vision-impaired or require driver assistance, you can still get on and off using the front door.

·         Each public bus will have a sign showing the number of passengers it can carry.